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Real-Time Log and Security Event Management for System i

January 7, 2009 02:00 PM

Regis Corporation Deploys Solution to Meet PCI-DSS Requirements and Enhance IT Security

Andy Grolnick

LogRhythm and The PowerTech® Group, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive log and security event management for customers running the IBM AS/400 (also known as IBM i, iSeries, and System i). The integration of LogRhythm’s log and event management system with PowerTech Interact delivers real-time visibility into and management of system, device, application, database and network log data. The LogRhythm-PowerTech solution enables enterprises to proactively identify and respond to security problems, while automating regulatory compliance reporting for this mission critical IBM platform.

Regis Corporation, a multibillion-dollar enterprise and global leader in beauty salons, hair restoration centers and cosmetology education, runs their mission critical applications on IBM AS/400 (iSeries) systems. “While the iSeries is a highly secure platform and its auditing capabilities are comprehensive, it is not designed for log management. The combined LogRhythm and PowerTech solution automates the collection, management and correlation of our iSeries logs into a single consolidated view that includes information and events from other log sources,” said Bernie Rominski, IT Security Officer for Regis Corporation. “Our iSeries systems are no longer an island. The LogRhythm/PowerTech solution enables us to meet PCI-DSS requirements more efficiently while enhancing our overall IT security effectiveness.”

Real-Time Delivery and Centralized Management of AS/400 Events
The integration of LogRhythm and PowerTech Interact enables organizations to centrally collect, analyze, correlate and manage real-time security events from their IBM AS/400 and System i platforms with log data from other sources in their network. PowerTech Interact gathers security events from the audit journal, operating system, and network, and forwards them in real time via syslog to the LogRhythm system for analysis, correlation, alerting, reporting, and archiving. Unlike alternative approaches that use batch ftp flat file transfers, the LogRhythm-PowerTech solution provides real-time visibility into security events.

“AS/400 systems often present a blind spot in a company’s network security infrastructure. That’s why PowerTech is excited to partner with LogRhythm and their industry leading log management and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions,” said John Earl, Chief Technology Officer of PowerTech. “The integration of PowerTech’s Interact with LogRhythm creates a real-time event logging solution for all of the important systems in an enterprise, especially the IBM AS/400 systems.”

“LogRhythm is committed to providing customers with the most complete log management, log analysis and event management system on the market,” said Andy Grolnick, CEO of LogRhythm. “This partnership allows us to add PowerTech’s deep experience with the IBM platform to the LogRhythm solution, and give customers a centralized, real-time, and high performance solution for managing logs and events from all their systems including IBM AS/400.”

LogRhythm provides enterprise-class log management, log analysis and event management in an integrated solution that empowers organizations to comply with regulations, secure their networks, and optimize IT operations. LogRhythm was positioned by Gartner Inc. in the visionaries quadrant of the Security Information and Event Management Magic Quadrant report for 2007 and 2008, and has received the recommended award and a Five Star rating from SC Magazine. LogRhythm is privately held and based in Boulder, Colorado.

PowerTech provides security software solutions for access control, vulnerability assessment, and compliance management on IBM AS/400 (System i) servers. The award winning, ServerProven® security solutions deliver ongoing protection and peace of mind. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner with over 1,000 customers worldwide, PowerTech leads the industry in raising awareness of IBM AS/400 security issues and solutions through auditor training, by hosting the iNSIGHT security and compliance conference each year and by publishing the annual security study: The State of IBM AS/400 (System i) Security. Seattle, WA-based PowerTech Group was founded by security experts in 1996.

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