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Better Manage Disk Resources on iSeries

April 20, 2009 09:00 AM

Susanne States
Sales and Client Services Director
S4i Systems, Inc.

S4i Systems is rolling out the red carpet to companies looking to better manage their disk resources on the iSeries. With the introduction of a new subscription model for DASD-Plus, DASD-Plus Alert (formerly known as disk/HUNTER) and DASD-Plus Chart this will allow customers to use the tools for as long as they need, for as little as $350 a month.

"There is certainly more flexibility with subscription pricing which can be a significant benefit for customers that are faced with trying to do more with a lot less these days,” said Susanne States, S4i’s Sales and Client Services Director. “System i customers are seeking the tools necessary for their business and we can help them by customizing a pricing structure that works with any procurement model. System i customers have spoken and S4i is listening making functionality affordable in today’s market.”

Whether its six-months or three-years, S4i Systems is able to provide a model that provides disk diagnostics, analytics, reporting, management and unused space optimization for each customer no matter the budget. For a low monthly fee, new customers may choose one or all three modules for their package.

DASD-Plus is easy to use delivering diagnostic, cleanup, analytical and reporting functionality. Multiple disk cleanup routines can be scheduled, from clearing history logs, to re-sizing libraries, job queues and objects.

Foretelling future DASD requirements has gotten easier with new forecasting features that allow you to make predictions of disk usage based on current trends. Simply enter the number of days forward that you want the disk utilization forecast to address, and DASD-Plus Chart will predict your future capacity requirements based on current growth trends.

DASD-Plus Alert joined the toolset a year ago adding real time-spike detection, notification services and data collection of root cause information – making DASD-Plus the perfect addition to the System i user’s arsenal of tools.

S4i provides electronic document management and disk management solutions for IBM System i™. With a strong commitment to continuously delivering trusted value, S4i's customer and service driven team provides project design, management and implementation services to ensure a successful software deployment. S4i Express has satisfied IBM's business and technical requirements for acceptance into the IBM® SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) Specialty Business Partner Initiative, providing an industry standard way to retrieve and store business critical documents under control.

S4i sells its solutions directly to end-users and has resellers in the Americas, Europe, S.E. Asia and Thailand. S4i Systems, Inc. moved its offices recently and is now located 616 South El Camino Real, Suite M, San Clemente, CA 92672.

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